A Wonderful Walk and Home-cooked Food

Anglesey Coastal Path

My partner and I ventured on holiday to Anglesey last summer.  Loving the outdoors and a good hike we decided to walk the Anglesey coastal path. We booked a package with Anglesey Walking Holidays, which was great as we didn’t have to carry any luggage from place to place – when we arrived at the next hotel after a day of walking and exploring, our luggage was already there waiting! Continue reading

Supplying, Buying and Eating Local

Halen Mon

As a seasoned resident of Anglesey, and as one that loves his food home-cooked and fresh, I feel it only fair to share some of my recommendations and experiences with you. I am a strong believer in buying local, it helps support the economy and the small business owner, which unfortunately is becoming more and more scarce. Continue reading

We all scream for (Tony’s) ice cream

Red Boat ice cream parlour, Beaumaris

Growing up in London in the 70s, one of my fondest memories is a little rhyme my nan used to recite whenever the ice cream man pulled up outside: “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream”. Four short lines of very unsophisticated ‘poetry’ they may be, but despite nearing 47 years on this planet, they’ve never left me.

And neither has my love of ice cream. Continue reading

A Food Slam to Remember

Menai Bridge food slam

It was early July, and we were enjoying our family holiday in Anglesey. Myself, my husband and the two kids were staying just outside the charming little seaside town of Beaumaris. We’d had a rather relaxed day eating ice cream and attempting some crabbing. We had deliberately not eaten much as we were looking forward to the Food Slam in Menai Bridge that evening.  Continue reading

Getting the Hog Ready

hog roast by Anglesey Hog Roasts

The life and times of doing a hog roast

So it’s 2am and here I am wrestling with a pig carcass. Not your average late night exercise and would probably raise a few eyebrows from any late night revellers returning home. After a splash of water and 3-4 heaped serving spoons of salt spread over the scored skin and rubbed in, followed by some extra Halen Môn salt flakes, it’s time to switch the roaster on and say goodnight to piggy. We have a booking for 150 people later on at 4pm, and we always cook our hogs on a low heat for at least 12 hours. Why so long? Cooking the hog for this length leads to the meat literally falling off the bone, and as we cook in a tray rather than a spit roast the meat is continually being self basted with its juices keeping the meat moist and succulent, but the crackling will be crunchy and light and salty.

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A beautiful walk and a cracking Hog Roast!

Located on just off of the coast of North Wales, Anglesey (Ynys Mon) is a small but fabulous island on which to stay, play and EAT! From the minute you cross one of the bridges you’ll see stunning landscapes, unspoilt coastlines and picturesque towns and villages that are just waiting to be explored. From the islands culture and heritage to the amazing beaches there is much to discover.

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